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The Selous Game Reserve and its history

The Selous Game Reserve is the Largest in Africa. It is roughly the same size as Switzerland and four times larger than the serengeti. The Kruger National Park is in fact slightly larger than the Selous but is a National park and not a Reserve. The Difference between a game reserve and a national park is that Hunting is allowed in a game reserve. In Selous one quarter of the reserve is for photographic viewing while the other three quarters are set aside for high end sustainable hunting areas.

The Selous has a growing reputation for providing a superb game viewing experience with small hotels, large areas and lots of Game. It also has Boat safaris and walking safaris that are very often difficult to do in other parks. When on a Game drive in the Selous clients will rarely see another vehicle for a whole day and as a result clients very often have complete unique experiences. Selous has all the big five but is most famous for large numbers of Buffalo and large packs of African Hunting dogs that are very rare. Birding watching is also popular in Selous and Tiger fishing on the Rufiji is also becoming increasingly popular. Accomodation in Selous varies from extremely luxurious to camping.

There are now many Lodges in and around the Game Reserve that can cater for different types of clients. Transport to the Selous is usually by plane as it is very remote but it is also possible to drive from Dar Es Salaam. The journey takes about 5 and a half hours and over half is on tarmac. Some guest like the journey as it gives them a chance to see how people live in rural Tanzania.

General History: Selous Game Reserve was gazetted in 1905 by the German colonial administration. Seventeen years later, four reserves were combined to establish what is today "The Selous Game Reserve". It was named after Captain Frederic Courtney Selous, who during WWI, was killed and buried within the Game Reserve.

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